National Novel Writing Month

I have been taking part in nanowrimo since 2008, minus 2014 to 2016 when I wrote a PhD thesis instead. The stated goal is to write 50,000 words of original prose in 30 days. Many people have their own personal goals of course, and for me writing more than nothing is a win. Still, I use the 50k as a motivator, and aim for the minimum 1667 words per day in order to meet it.

The wordcounts listed here are what I wrote during the nanowrimo month, not necessarily the total or current wordcount for the whole stories.

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2018: Birds

Wordcount: 43,996

Dahlia opens a parrot cafe, trying to make a safe and comfortable place for her queer friends and their feathery, furry and four-legged family to hang out at. Drama ensues.

Trying out for the first time ever writing about real-world-type people in a real place experiencing normal-life type events..

2017: Of the Moon

Wordcount: 30,413

A story of solitude and discovery.

2013: Beyond

Wordcount: 2,555

His whole life, Mustard has known only the protection of the Big House, under the Elders of Sco. Protection from the giant forests of fungi, strange wailing noises, and unmanned trains that run miraculously to schedule in the wasteland beyond.

He, and toddler sidekick Sushi, are left to make sense of the world for themselves by parents preoccupied with political pedantry, and when {significant event} strikes, they find that they truly are on their own.

2012: Quest for Brothers

Wordcount: 9,256

Tug, Suari, Jackann.

Three very different lives, on one very troubled world.

Lives which are inextricably intertwined by a shared purpose when circumstances separate their families, and each is left with no choice but to embark on a search to discover the truth. Their planet is trying to speak to them, if only they knew how to listen.

2011: Touched

Wordcount: 22,069

Harriet had a terrible experience. The most terrible experience a mother can have. And now, unwittingly, she has begun a journey from which there is no turning back.

My first attempt at writing non-scifi/fantasy, but at least 50% of the story happens inside someone's head, so not exactly IRL either.

2009: Milo's World

Wordcount: 50,299

Dusty is not a demanding child. A daydreamer, maybe. Away with the fairies, as parents say sometimes. But that's not true. Dusty is just busy hanging out with Milo, the kid on the other side of the secret passageway to the dimension behind the sofa.

2008: Dragon Seekers

Wordcount: 30,164

I used my first NaNoWriMo as an opportunity to kick myself up the butt to progress a novel that has been in the works since 1998. That's right, early snippets of these were written when I was eight years old. No original text remains, but the core concept is the same. If I ever have a lifetime epic, this is it.

Sierra and Swoop were going about their very different lives in very different worlds when they stumbled into the Corridor and met an unfathomable entity known as the Dragon. Are they special? Nope. Wrong place, wrong time. But they're here now, and good sports, so they accept their quest. Dragon Seekers contains tales within tales of an immense search across a countless co-existing dimensions for the only thing that can stop the multiverse collapsing in on itself. And they're not even really sure what they're looking for.