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Summary of activities from 18 May 24 to now

I posted to my site 66 times. I posted 0 individual photos into 0 different albums.


I wrote 0 things. On my site I posted 0 short notes or commentary with photos, and 0 longer articles. I also logged non-blogpost writing 0 times. These all comprise approximately 0 words in total (0 off-site). That's a mean of 0.00 words and 0.00 posts per day.

I wrote about 0 different topics, with the most common being .


I made 3 travel plans, for 4 different places. I spent €14.51 on transit/transport, over 2 journeys (1 by tram, 1 by odsc, 1 by train). The places I travelled to most often were Sheffield, UK (1 times) Wortley, UK (1 times) Edinburgh, Scotland (1 times)

I checked in 25 times. I spent the most time on an adventure, which was 2 days, 12 hours, 46 minutes, and 5 seconds, followed by 2 days, 5 hours, 26 minutes, and 49 seconds at home. I also spent 19 hours, 28 minutes, and 27 seconds in transit; 16 hours, 55 minutes, and 39 seconds at an event; 8 hours, 39 minutes, and 29 seconds out exercising; and was out getting food for 3 hours, 42 minutes, and 46 seconds.


I lay my head in 1 different places:

I spent €0.00 in total, averaging €0.00 per night.


I logged 32 meals or snacks, an average of 4.6 per day. The thing I consumed most was coffee (14), followed by vegetables (11), wortley hall (9), seitan (8), and tea (8). I consumed coffee (14) on average 2.0 times per day.

I spent €0.00 on groceries, buying them 0 times. I bought food that was ready to eat on 6 occasions, spending €82.85; 33.3% of the time this was in restaurants and 50.0% to take away.

One random thing I ate was Sourdough with pesto, rhubarb achaar, sprouts, pickled beans; Earl grey. You can see everything at /eats.


I purchased or otherwise acquired something on 9 occasions, spending a total of approximately €69.07. I used 1 different currencies (GBP). This is an average expenditure of €9.87 per day, €69.07 per week, or €n/a per month.

Some things I acquired the most often were food (6), takeaway (3), transit (2), transport (2), odsc (2), restaurant (2), and coop (1).

On 1 occasions I got something for free. I expensed €28.29 of stuff for work. The most expensive thing I bought was Dinner (Soul Vegan) (€39.90) and the cheapest thing (which wasn't free) was Tram to Haymarket (€2.35). I spent on average €7.67 per time. Three other random categories of expenditure are: wortley hall (1), accommodation (1), and chapter one (1).

0% of my acquire posts have photos attached.


I liked x links, y% of which were from Twitter. I bookmarked x links, and posted y images to collections over z occasions. I reposted something x times. y of my posts were in reply to something else.