Sloph is the codebase for this website. I will document it here.

It implements ActivityPub and Linked Data Notifications in order to behave as a node in a decentralised social network.

It contains a Micropub to ActivityPub bridge, so that I can use both sets of clients to create content. I use to accept Webmentions, which can take my Inbox URL as a Webhook, so sloph can also convert POST requests into LDNs. One day I might add a direct Webmention to LDN bridge.

It uses the ARC2 PHP library to store content in a triplestore on top of a MySQL database. It uses EasyRdf for everything else.

The name is derived from semantic blog php, and also carries connotations of lethargy. It's predecessor was Slog'd (Semantic Blog from markdown) which made it sound like I worked far too hard on it.

🏷 sloph

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