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Crafty projects, mostly crochet.

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Crochet Grogu (baby yoda).

My brother wants a cat so much, so I made him one.

I made a bath mat from eight pillowcases (aka a rag rug). Shredded in a continuous spiral and then normal crochet with a big hook. Worked great! (The first section I made multiple strips and tied the together but it was very lumpy and harder to crochet. Definitely recommend the spiral method.)

I followed this pattern to make a Kelpie. I started this in January and it took a lot longer than expected. Partly due to being interrupted by moving house and other things, but also it was a bit more fiddly than I thought. I learnt some new amigurumi techniques (like making a curve). I usually attach the parts together with a crochet hook, and I tried with this, but it was just too complicated, so I had to pause everything and wait until I had a bodkin in my life. Once that arrived, this was much easier and it came together pretty well.

Once complete, after a quick beach photoshoot, I promptly posted it to Falkirk, to be with its own kind..

Crocheted a wallet from a VHS ribbon. This stuff is sparkly and super robust, and goes a really long way. Very bulky for keeping in pocket though.

Crochet panda hat and shoes for Polly's new baby.

Also I crocheted some little mushroom keychains.

Crocheted a chunky hat from scraps of freegle yarn to wear when I'm swimming in the sea.

Crochet tea cosy for Matt.

Now I have my cosy crochet corner I can crochet again. Yoda on 'commission', Mando for J, seahorse for E, panda hat for another E.

Mum was struggling with very fiddly reindeer antlers, so I did one for her.

A narwhal for E.

I started making a hat but ran out of yarn and didn't have anything else to match, so I backed up and turned it into a tea cosy instead.

Crochet tea cosy, using alpine stitch. It started out as a hat but I didn't have enough yarn, so I backed up and tea-cosied it instead.

Helped to make (well, mostly watched.. did some sanding..) a hefty chopping board from an irregular chunk of scavenged oak worktop. Why do I never remember to take before pics?

The oxalis is flowering! I didn't know it flowered when I bought it, I just liked the foliage, then I saw one in flower at Inverness Botannical Gardens some months later. So I've been excited for it, but not hopeful, because it has seemed to be struggling. Nonetheless, tiny delicate pale purple flowers have emerged! The tradescantia that I got at the same time has had ups and downs too, but is thriving on the mantel piece at the moment.

My chillis are all bearing fruit or flowers now, and my ridiculous inside cherry tomato has three more tomatoes on..

French beans, runner beans, aubergine, onions, romanesco planted last week are all sprouting in the polytunnel.

Planted out tomatoes, cucumber and dwarf french beans in the footpath garden. Some things are sprouting in places I do not remember planting them. Also more aubergines have come up, some very belated sweet peppers, and a whole load of long slim chillis.

Cellophane addition to my bathroom light to change the moooood.

Potatoes are thriving; purple beans and lemon chilli are happy in the polytunnel. Planted out celery in the footpath garden at last, but it's a bit cramped.