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Baby seedlings: radish, lettuce, carrot, parsley. Sprouted in a tiny pot then planted in the windowbox, but kept inside for the time being. Some cute slug frens, gently evicted after demolishing two whole lettuces. Also Project Mushroom began in earnest.

I moved my salad windowbox outside, replanted my tiny carrots into the tyre planter, and sowed chard seeds in there as well. I stacked my other windowbox onto rocks, and planted nasturtiums in there.

It didn't take long for my lettuces to all die from wind and sun exposure. The radishes look battered, but I think most of them will pull through. I lost a spring onion as well. I direct sowed bok choy where the lettuces were. The carrots look pathetic, but mostly okay for now.

I was given a growbag and two healthy tomato plants and a cucumber, and rigged up some string for the tomatoes to climb against the wall. On Sunday I picked up a bunch more big planters from a Freegler as well... so the path-garden is growing..

Meanwhile in the living room, I made makeshift pots from toilet roll tubes and a plastic bottle for chilis and sweet basil. By the end of the week some of the tubes were germinating, but I couldn't remember which were which. I expect they're basil though. By some miracle the chilli seeds I planted weeks ago - at the same time as the lettuce, radish, carrots and parsley - finally sprouted!

I also repotted my older supermarket basil plant and moved it to better sun and it's looking happier again. One of my rosemary cuttings sprouted roots, so that's in a pot now too, and I rearranged my windowsill setup multiple times.

Oyster mushrooms! Elm, and blue/grey. First pins appeared on the 18th, and they matured and started dropping spores on the 25th. A fast turnaround! Every time I went in the kitchen they had grown some more. I felt like I could see them growing before my eyes.

They are the most beautiful things I have ever had a hand in creating.

I used kits from urban-farm-it.

I gently and lovingly harvested the beautiful mushrooms, and later gently and lovingly cut them up and seared them lightly with a little bit of coconut oil and sea salt. My delicious babies.

Basil and bok choy seeds sprouted. Repotted parsley. Footpath garden was hit pretty hard by strong winds and hail, but my runt radish is doing the best!

Second flush of mushrooms is not looking good. One small clump, a funny colour, and a couple of sets of aborted pins, and little movement anywhere else.

Harvested a sorry second flush of mushrooms.

Potted basil and parsley; seedling corner in the living room is out of hand again.

The third flush of mushrooms! From both bags. Not as good as the first, but better that the second.

Mushrooms ready to harvest when I got back; and inkycap mushrooms growing with my tomato seedling are weird. A hungarian hot pepper finally sprouted.

The Cloud Garden.

The most beautiful gift I have ever been given. It contains three orchids, a bromeliad (alien pink thing), mosses from local woods, and various rootless air plants.

Stacked a beach crate on beach bricks and filled it with compost to expand my garden even further. Planted radishes, chicory and land cress in it. A second hungarian hot pepper sprouted in the loo roll seed trays on my windowsill! But it looks a bit unwell.

The Cloud Garden, looking lovely.

New things sprouted (chicory, land cress and radishes in the crate) and other things are growing! Tomatoes are maybe looking bushier, and kale and broccoli and chard certainly are. Bok choy looks spindly but doing its best. Some basil and a couple of parsley are going to make it. Planted out a new cucumber (who had a head start in the polytunnel) to replace the one that died. Very proud of my runt radish, who is now the best of the bunch.

The alien orchid has sprung two beautiful purple flowers!

The mushroom pins that popped up at the start of the week aborted. Chopped up the substrate of the healthiest (most populous) looking bag and layered into new substrate for a second round of incubation. Put the other bag in a compost bin. So let's see if they go anywhere.

Slug damage on the orchids. But new purple flowers on the bromeliad.

We let a radish go to seed, and it is getting massive.

In my footpath garden, chard and broccoli are looking bushy. Attempt 2 at bok choi sprouted.

A giant Scottish thistle has joined my footpath garden. And sprouted a mushroom.

Things are growing.

Caught a loud orchid slug.

First cucumber! Chillis are looking great. Various leaves are thriving. Purple flowers grow up the side of the bromeliad, working their way towards the top.

Plus: mushroom update... chopped up my spent straw substrate and mixed it with grain, into new bags, which are being re-incubated.

Nasturtiums are flowering. Wow they're bright!

Damage to the rhubarb.

Chillis are looking amazing.

Tomatoes and cucumbers are developing. Picked a radish and a banana chilli and broccoli.

Extended the footpath garden with a new planter made of old wood and washed up fishing crates..

Cucumber, carrots and broccoli from my footpath garden. Banana chillis from the polytunnel. Shitloads of rhubarb; other root veg and courgettes from the garden.

Capsicum, chilli and tomato polytunnel excitement. Excessive courgettes. Harvested the turnips too late and they're not good. Got a second freezer to start bulk processing some of this produce and storing for winter.

Interesting clump of mushrooms growing with one of my broccolis. Haven't identified them yet.

Everything is getting eaten by caterpillars, but rescuing as much kale as possible before I surrender.

Cucumbers and chillis are starting to explode.

The cucumber situation is getting out of hand. All hail our cucumber overlords.

Eight out of eleven of my chillis are now bearing fruit!

Also courgettes, beets, broad beans. Tomatoes are ripening.

Planted some less functional but pretty things in my crate planter to make the place look more presentable.

Fruits of the chilli farm.

(Plus tiny carrots and a celeriac.)

Picked some carrots I planted last autumn. They're not going to grow any more and if I leave them the slugs will eat them. Not sure what's going on with the chicory.

Monster leeks from the garden! Also, not pictured, celeriac and salsify. And seedlings sprouting for another round... tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins, squash, courgette.. and some strays.

Tomato, gherkin, courgette, cucumber and fancy squash seedlings are coming along. My purple sprouting broccoli, that I thought capterpillars killed last autumn, is sprouting once more! And onions I planted in December are still coming up.

Tomato, cucumber and courgette seedlings. Hungarian black pepper is flowering again.

A mini footpath garden harvest! (Chard and purple sprouting broccoli.) and a pretty weed is growing in the Cloud Garden.. I'm leaving it be.

Finally able to work in the garden. Planted tomato seedlings, radishes, dwarf purple french beans in the polytunnel; romanesco, more dwarf french beans, aubergine, celery, runner beans, in trays; beetroot and chard in the garden; and overhauled the footpath garden with fresh mushroom compost; pulled out the chicory (to eat) and dead plants and got it all ready for seedlings in a few weeks.

Remember last year's rhubarb that definitely died completely and rotted into a ball of mush? I threw it in the weeds across the road. It... has come back to life. Whilst lying on top of weeds and grass, over the winter. Retrieved it and potted it back up. Who knew.

Romanesco sprouted. A new raised bed erected, new home to a squash and a cucumber. Planted onions, soy beans, mange touts seeds; and pepper plants into the polytunnel. Kale in the footpath garden is flowering; I should probably eat it.

Planted a ton of chilli seeds of various different kinds. Most of them were out of date. We'll see what comes up. Also potted up a thousand romanesco cauliflowers... not sure where they're all going to live when they're bigger..

Oxalis flowers are lovely!

A wee chilli harvest. Many long peppers are growing. Planted out brussels sprouts and romanesco in the garden. Potted up aubergine, sweet peppers and yet more celery. Planted sunflowers and rockery plants in the footpath garden.

Look at the flower on the salsify we have been neglecting!

Mega strawberry harvest, and first artichokes.

Flowers and beans in the footpath garden. Planted brassicas, mounded potatoes. Look at the salsify flowers!

Planted turnips, carrots, mange tout and choy sum seeds, and lettuce seedlings in the garden. Got first courgette/squash harvest, and purple french beans, plus raspberries and lots more strawberries.

In the footpath garden, I have a self-seeded nasturtium bent on world domination. And its minions, which are crowding out the beans and celery. Rhubarb is finally coming back to life.

Nasturtiums, pansies and daisies are flowering. Ladybirds in the polytunnel seem to be finally getting the aphids under control. Dwarf purple french beans and strawberries are abundant; raspberries are starting.

Nasturtiums are going large. Cucumbers emerging. Footpath garden generally looking great.

Caught up on garden work. Harvested many things, including but not limited to: tomatoes, potatoes, chillis. Protected brasscas from the butterfly threat. Courgette apocalypse may soon be upon us.