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Misc UK 2020

Lincolnshire and Scotland, September onwards.

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I went on some nice evening flat Lincolnshire runs. I taught J chain and single crochet, and by the next day she was churning out masterpieces. I made the cat butt coaster, for my brother.

Chips on the beach at Sutton-on-Sea. My chips were from Alford, because both Sutton-on-Sea chippies cook in beef dripping and are aggressive about it when people express their unhappiness with this on TripAdvisor (partly because one also offers a lot of veg*n options but still cook them in beef dripping and don't seem to see a problem with this).

I spent as much time as possible in my dinosaur onesie, and J thinks this is kawaii. So I made her a tiny version of myself to take back to Japan. It's been a while - years - since I did amigurumi and then I only dabbled. The dino was quite complicated but I followed a fantastic video at ClubCrochet and it took about 2 hours (twice as long as the video).

A couple of days looking around flats in Kirkcaldy. The beaches are gorgeous. The high street is a bit tragic. But overall a really nice town.

Have I mentioned how beautiful Edinburgh is?! Of course the sun only came out on the days I had to stay inside and work, but I did manage to have lunch and go for a run around Holyrood.

Breakfasts from bbl (who have an amazing vegan deli these days) and doughnuts from ConsiderIt.

Brunch at Cakes by the Lake in Southwell.

Moved to Fife. Settling in with some sunny days and rainy days by the sea. Nice beach walks, Enjoyed the Friday market and zero-waste store Grain & Sustain.

Brief trip to Edinburgh to meet some geese, see friends, and get hauls from New Leaf, Starlight, and the bbl vegan deli. On the way I stopped at Burntisland for more things from Grain and Sustain.