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UK, Sept & Oct 2019

Lincs countryside, plus work trips to Nottingham, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Stirling. And Brighton.

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A week back in the UK.

Passing through London (chips and Bown! and gloom).

Time in the countryside. Food from the garden, and apples from the tree I planted from a pip when I was 4. Crumpets, peanutbuttermarmite.

Co-op interchange mini-unconference in Nottingham, featuring Annie's Burger Shack and Doughnotts.

Runs around Stickford, cooking in my Mum's kitchen, and a visit to Southwell.

Doughnuts and vintage in Nottingham.

Chips on the beach and epic rainbow in Skegness.

Lunch in Sheffield followed by a couple of days Co-oping in Wortley Hall. Then.. To Edinbraaah.

Edinbrah! A run around Holyrood park, breakfast at Considerit, lunch at Black Rabbit, dinner at Holy Cow, what a day.

A visit to Falkirk, Jane and the Kelpies, food at Fork & Mustard (everything can be vegan, including homemade croissants!), dinner at Behind The Wall, vegan macarons from Considerit (I never thought I'd have macarons again).

On to Stirling for the ODS Co-op dev retreat, plus a visit to Stirling Castle. Food at Loving Food (great seitan), The Regent, Cafe Aina (amazing vegan menu), Spice Garden, HBW Coffee (all veggie, but food menu not strong. Has pea milk!).

Back to Edinburgh after co-working in Stirling, and a climb up Arthur's Seat.

Giant nachos at the Auld Hoose; fancy unusual Indian at Dishoom; pizza at Nova Pizza; breakfast 'doughnut' at Considerit; lunch at Pomegranate Express; cake at Holy Cow, and adventures in nut luncheon. In between co-working, and suit shopping for K's wedding.

A pleasant jaunt to Currie, followed by food at Mosque Kitchen, and the Last Unicorn.

Back from Edinburgh to Lincolnshire. Went to Boston with Mum to look for more wedding clothes. Found these shoes but apparently they're not suitable. Faced with a choice between rushing off somewhere else, or quitting and having a Gregg's vegan sausage roll and tea, we chose the latter.

Mum and I took the train down to Brighton to visit Dave and Juri. We ate at the places Juri worked when she was working, and all hung out together when the kids were free. We walked through the Lanes, along the beach, visited secondhand shops and many many cafes. The Brighton Pavilion is so cool. The weather was pretty miserable, but it was nice.

On the way back we stopped for chips in Coningsby before finding my sister and taking her home with us.

An afternoon in Skegness. Chips and kite flying on the beach.

Packed up all my fairphones and shit, bounced through London, then off out again to the wilds of Europe.