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Poland, May 2018

A month in the Tri-city area of Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk. Great beaches.

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A day in Krakow. Writeup.

A week in Gdynia, also featuring Gdansk.

Ice cream on the beach at Sopot.

Beach and cake in Gdynia.

A ~25km hike through various woods around Gdansk, starting at Oliwa, ending at the vegan pizza place.

Good eating in Gdansk Wrzeszcz (pronounced as a guttural sound like you're suppressing a sneeze), and a hike along the length of Stogi Beach and back through the woods.

Absolutely breathtaking 20 mile walk along the Hel Peninusla. Also exhausting. Writeup, GPS.

Drove to Nowa Karczma, then walked to the Russian border. Also a climb up the Pacholek viewpoint, and dinner at Vege Port.

The Long Night of Museums in Gdansk, and dinner at Guga Spicy.

Walk along the Gdynia coastline.

Touristing day in Gdansk; WWII museum, Westerplatte, St Mary's Basilica, Gora Gradowa viewpoint.

Morning in the Emigration Museum in Gdynia, long walk along the coast to Latarnia Morska lighthouse in Gdansky Nowy Port, wrapped up with dinner at Vege Port.

Last meals in Gdynia, at Vegan Port and i Krowa Cala.