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Graduation, Nov 2018

Edinburgh for PhD graduation; via London and Stickford.

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The night bus from Sarajevo to Munich, then a flight to Edinburgh from Munich airport. In between, a burger (one of 4 vegan options!) at the airport.

A foray up the Scott Monument with Jane, and dinner at Nova Pizza.

My PhD graduation! I'm legit now. Starring my parents and Sergio; featuring McEwan Hall and the Auld Hoose.

Edinburgh times, with the bird, and Holyrood, and food.

A day in which I went to Snax, Anteaques, the SHRUB, and Holy Cow.

A morning run around the glorious Holyrood Park.

Doughnuts at Considerit, unexpected jaunt to Calton Hill with Harry, Soul Sushi, and Star Trek ToS projector-sized.

An Angry Vegan at Bread Meats Bread. A train ride with the bird. Chips at Mum's.

A gloomy run from Stickford to Stickney; Boston (original) early morning; a train to London.