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Sarajevo, 2017-18

7 months in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

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The road to Sarajevo, some photos of the city center, and places I stay(ed).

Drizzly in Sarajevo, but holy fuck this town is beautiful.

A run around my local hill. Distance view of some large graveyards, the place where the trams are born, and a lovely sunset.

Sarajevo sunset from Kod Biban restaurant

I looooove this town. A short wander to Ciglane market and around the nearby hillside and somehow everything is stunning. In an abandoned, broken down kind of way. I thought I'd found the place where the city trams go to sleep, but turns out it's a standalone little track with four tiny cabins which take you up the hill and back. The journey time is less than a minute, and I watched it trundle up and back several times, a driver inside, no passengers. It's adorable. No ticket machines or anything.. not sure what the deal is. Maybe it's free. It and the nearby steps are all beautifully decorated with graffiti.

Walk down the river to find the flea market at Stup, which wasn't there because it's Eid. Checked out an abandoned factory. Took the tram back to the Old Town. GPS trace.

The anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand seems like a good day to post the pictures I took a couple of days ago of the bridge where it happened.

Karuzo, Kibe, flea market, misc.

Good times and great food at Karuzo.. The only place in Sarajevo that deliberately makes vegan food.

Photos from my run up to Hum Tower, a disused TV transmitter. Stunning views and sunset, tempered only by disconcerting presence of stray dogs. Home just in time for a lightning storm.

Misc city at night, and Drew's band.

I left my window open today and a cat came in. She chased a fly, hung out, took a nap, left the way she came in. I call her Ishka because she as an independent woman who does what she wants.

A hike to Skakavac waterfall (just north of Sarajevo). GPS trace. The good photos are by Edin.

Film Festival; Karuzo food

Road trip to Sutjeska valley, the site of one of the biggest battles of WWII, which now features a somewhat neglected but nonetheless impressive memorial sculpture. We took the scenic route, winding through the mountains, with a stop in Gorazde for lunch, and drove for about five hours.

After a swim in the 'lake', the more direct return journey took about an hour and a half, but also took us through some impressive sheer cliff faces and through tunnels bored into the mountains.

Misc Sarajevo, Karuzo.

Trebevic during Eko-fest, hammock time with Boudicca and Renee.

Sunset from the Yellow Fort.

Misc Sarajevo. Fancy mint lemonade from Talks & Giggles.

A beautiful weekend on beautiful Jahorina, with inspiring and insightful women, great food, and striking surroundings.

Higher contrast photos or photos with me in, borrowed from Aida.

Leaving Sarajevo..

Misc; cats, Aleks' last day, Karuzo.

From the Avaz Twist Tower with bengo.

Food at Blind Tiger, Biban and Karuzo.

Climbed Trebevic. First stop, the bobsled tracks. Then on to the summit. Took longer and was more challenging than anticipated. Only got lost in the woods a couple of times. Photos with me in taken by bengo. GPS trace.

Sarajevo town, Karuzo and War Tunnel with Mum and Julian.

A visit from Ishka.

Pita... and Sarajevo.

Flea market, old town, yellow fort, white fort, dinner at 4 Sobe, with Mum and Julian.

Climb to the bobsled track, lunch in Brus, with Mum and Julian.


Random things in Sarajevo... Running, food at Bibana, Karuzo, Vrbas, Cejf, and the coffee place with the tree.

Sweet home Sarajevo.

Taj Mahal food with Elizabeth... coffee place with the tree.. random Sarajevo.

The usual.

Sarajevo has been remarkably kind to me upon my return today.

Food and fun in Sarajevo. Featuring Sushi San, Karuzo, krompirusa, making pizza with Elizabeth.

A walk to Goat's Bridge, east of Sarajevo. Lost half the photos cos my SD card went kaputt en route.

To the Bobsled track in the snow with Elizabeth and Marybeth.

The Bosnian pyramids at Visocko. Plot twist: they're not really pyramids. Also on this trip I couldn't really see them, but it was still fun.

Misc Sarajevo. Mosty Karuzo and krompirusa.

The tram to Ilidza, then a couple of hours walking to and around Vrelo Bosne, the mouth of the river Bosne. It's a beautiful park, tranquil in the mist and gentle rain. The water was deep and bright. The derelict once-fancy Austro-Hungarian houses that line the two mile strait to the park are gorgeous. Almost 8 miles of walking in total; GPS trace.

My last nights in Sarajevo, and some bus photos. Featuring falafel and grah at Barhana, and wonderful friends.