rhiaro [not] for hire

Current status: gainfully employed 3 days per week. May consider additional short term projects if they're super interesting and important.

I work remotely on projects involving Web related technologies. I will only work on projects with which I am ethically aligned.

Everything you might expect to find on my CV is tagged on this site with 'cv'. This page contains some summary information.

I am travelling around Central and Eastern Europe for the forseeable future, with ties to Edinburgh, London and Sarajevo. I am willing to travel globally for meetings and longer-term collaborations, so long as I can get there by land and/or sea. I carry a British passport and am registered self-employed in the UK.

Standards, specifications, and technical writing

I'm interested in work that involves reading, interpreting, implementing and prototyping, and writing/editing technical specifications. My particular expertise lies in W3C standards around Linked Data and RDF, including LDP, and emerging W3C standards for the Social Web and Annotations.

I can also do primers, reports, documentation, and academic writing (including research, experiments, studies and literature surveys). And blog posts and tweets.


I have been working with Web technologies since I was ten years old, specifically HTML, CSS and PHP.

I am proficient in Python, and have most experience with the Flask and Webapp frameworks. I have contributed some JavaScript to open source projects but don't have expertise in or preference for any particular framework or way of doing things.

I'm happy to learn or dive into existing codebases in other languages if need be.

I have experience with Docker, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, SPARQL and triplestores, and minimally MongoDB.

Writing and contributing to open source code is important to me.


I would be delighted to help with projects that involve open data: publishing it; wrangling non-open datasets into a good format for release; creating vocabularies for data modelling; using open data to create something useful.


Whilst I have done my share of logos, brochures and website design from scratch over the years it is not my strength, so you probably shouldn't hire me for this.


I'm comfortable with bash and a Linux commandline, can deploy things with docker, and probably keep an ES cluster alive under not-too-stressful conditions. But this is also not something you should hire me for specifically.

Work mode

I don't want to work all the time. I have lots of side projects (coding and not coding) and I feel bad if I don't put time into them. I also need to travel, and discovered that working fulltime whilst travelling takes the fun out of both. I work best when I can choose to work when and where I feel most motivated. This means that wherever I am I have the flexibility to be available in your timezone, and am excited about visiting new places so if you can cover some expenses (I'm a low budget traveller) I would be happy to travel anywhere in the world to meet in person it if would help our collaboration.

For longer term projects (over 2 months) I can commit an maximum of 30 hours per week, but would prefer around 20. For shorter-term projects I can commit more time per week. Though several years in academia has left me well able to cope with last minute deadlines and all-nighters, your project would have to be particularly appealing to me to persuade me to deal with stressful crunchtimes. I am not a machine.

Previous affliations


I have a PhD in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh, supervised by Professor Ewan Klein (my thesis), with which I graduated in 2017. I was a visiting student at MIT CSAIL (Decentralized Information Group, with Tim Berners-Lee) October 2015 - October 2016.

My MSc by Research is Interdisciplinary Creative Practices at the University of Edinburgh College of Art, and my BSc is Web Technology from the University of Lincoln.

I taught myself the foundations of what I know about Web development when I was a teenager. I learned a lot through building custom pet pages and guild layouts on Neopets.com, and making database-driven sites and online newsletters about the dozens of gerbils I helped look after at high school.


Since June 2018 I am a Data Systems Developer at Open Data Services Co-op, doing Python stuff and standards design, remotely 3 days per week.

From June 2017 to June 2018 I have been employed as Investigative Data Engineer by OCCRP. I worked as a Python developer and data-wrangler, on-site in Sarajevo until January 2018 when I went fully remote; I worked for around 3.5 days per week.

From July 2016 to December 2018 I am a Staff Contact for the W3C Social Web Working Group. I worked remotely, one day per week, managing the Web standards publication process, writing and prototyping specs.

In 2014 I took a break from my PhD to work for 4 months at the BBC in their Linked Data Platform team. In 2009, between my 2nd and 3rd years of undergrad, I did a three month internship at Google London, on the University Programmes Team.

I've taught web development and Semantic Web technologies to masters students at Edinburgh. I've been employed to do PHP and Python development for various research projects. I worked for the University of Lincoln Students' Union for a couple of years doing anything the Marketing & Comms department needed for Web, event advertising, data management. I've been freelancing on and off for a decade, mostly HTML, CSS, JS and PHP work.


I will not be involved in projects which put profit over people. I am not interested in helping you to exploit, surveil, or enable the exploitation or surveillance of vulnerable people. I will not work for you if you discriminate, enable discrimination, or overlook discrimination, against minorities. I am not interested in data mining or collection for the purposes of selling or marketing products, for tracking, or behavioural nudging.

I am opposed to censorship and oppressing or gatekeeping information.

I cannot contribute towards work that harms or promotes harm of non-human animals.

Now what?

If you're interested in talking to me about collaboration, drop me an email or chase me down on IRC (rhiaro on freenode, imaginarynet.org.uk, and w3.org).

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