a brief history of rhiaro

This is an overview of what I have been doing with my life, from a traditionally capitalist / productivity perspective. For more details about all of the things, and others besides, in a slightly harder to read formats, see posts tagged cv.

See also my statement about availability for work and a personal review of my last decade.

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PhD in Informatics University of Edinburgh, 2012—2017

Visiting student in the Decentralized Information Group CSAIL, MIT, 2015—2016

MSc by Research Interdisciplinary Creative Practices University of Edinburgh, 2011—2012

BSc(Hons) Web Technology University of Lincoln, 2008—2011


Web Standards Editor Digital Bazaar, 2018—present (remote)

Data Standards Developer Open Data Services Co-operative, 2018—present (remote)

Investigative Data Engineer OCCRP, 2017—2018 (Sarajevo, Bosnia)

Team Contact for the Social Web Working Group W3C, 2016—2017 (Boston, USA & remote)

Junior Data Architect BBC, 2014 (London, UK)

Teaching assistant, lab demonstrator and marker various, University of Edinburgh, 2012—2015 (Edinburgh, UK)

Developer and research assistant, Community Hacking Project University of Edinburgh College of Art, 2012 (Edinburgh, UK)

University Programmes Intern Google, 2009 (London, UK)

Web design and development University of Lincoln Students' Union, 2009—2011 (Lincoln, UK)

Web developer Freelance, 2005—2013

Tech stuff

Working in public and on open source code is important to me. See also my github profile.


W3C publications

Academic publications

Other publications

Volunteering & organising

Co-founder, Prewired Edinburgh-based under 19s coding club, coordinator & mentor, 2013—2015

Mentor, Young Rewired State annual under 19s hack weeks, 2012—2015

Community coordinator Open Knowledge Foundation, 2012—2015

Co-organiser, Smart Data Hack University of Edinburgh School of Informatics, 2013—2015

El PresidenTea SocieTea, UniversiTea of Edinburgh, 2012—2014

Moderator, Freegle Edinburgh, 2013—2014

Swap shop volunteer Swap & Reuse Hub, Edinburgh, 2013—2015

Founding President University of Lincoln Computing Society, 2010—2011

Communications Officer University of Lincoln Scifi, Fantasy & Horror Society, 2009—2011

Poop-cleaner (etc) Weirfield Wildlife Hospital, Lincoln, 2010—2011

Other things

Travel: Since 2016 I have been nomadic, travelling from the US to East Asia having given away whatever I couldn't carry. I came back to Europe in 2017, and have been continually downsizing my backpack since. In 2018 I quit flying altogether and continued to travel around Europe by land and sea. My favourite places to be are in the Balkans. See posts tagged travel.

Food: I am an ethical vegan and a massive foodie. I love to cook, and also being a food tourist. Recommend to me vegan restaurants in your area any time. See posts tagged food.

Zero waste: So far as possible I only use secondhand material goods, and consume zero-waste or eco-friendly things with low carbon footprints. I volunteer to support related initiatives when I can. I publicly log everything I acquire/consume.

This blog: Runs on a platform called sloph, built from scratch in PHP on top of a MySQL-based triplestore. I use it as decentralised Web standards testing grounds.

Writing: I like to write fantasy and science fiction, but haven't finished any yet. Most years I take part in National Novel Writing Month.


See contact information here.

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