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Open Data Services (2018-now) Digital Bazaar (2018-now) W3C Technical Architecture Group (Jan 2021-now) NaNoWriMo
Social Web Protocols (editor) ActivityPub (coauthor) Linked Data Notifications (coeditor) LinkedResearch (bystander) dokieli (occasional contributor) Indieweb (bystander)
OCCRP (2017-2018) W3C (2016-2018) MIT CSAIL (2015-2016) The Solid Project (2015-2016) University of Edinburgh (2011-2017) SOCIAM (2014-2017) Prewired (cofounder, 2012-2016) SocieTea (el PresidenTea, 2012-2014) BBC (2014) University of Lincoln (2008-2011)

Last ate 2 hours, 53 minutes, and 48 seconds ago (Braised daikon with vegetable protein, potatoes, mushrooms, spring onion, spicy broth)

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Monthly budget 19% used (last spent 0gbp on Thyme, spring onions(?), rhubarb (R))

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