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Week in review: 19th - 25th February

  • Enjoyed an evening in Edinburgh with JB and RG.
  • Bought some bright pink beats headphones from a local person and they're good so far. Bulkier than the sennheisers, so we'll see how they travel.
  • Made jelly and (n)ice cream at the Community Kitchen, and an emergency birthday cake for a child which was requested right at the end of my shift (it was my pleasure). And earl grey, orange and thyme cupcakes at home.
  • Got loads of BODS done, again!
  • Started This Is Us and started and finished the newest season of The Orville.
  • Ups and downs in co-op land.
  • Swam in the sea twice.
  • Went on walkies and enjoyed some clear, still days.
  • Enjoyed an afternoon in Kirkcaldy JB and K, and discovered Merchants House has a new vegan menu..
  • Planted some more things and cleared up the garden.
  • The daffodils and crocuses are out, though it's still frosty in the morning. Mixed signals regarding the onset of spring..
  • Encountered my dear frenemy and neighbour Mulder with no barking and growling for the first time ever! The strategy was to wave a bag of treats from the distance as I approached. He took one from me quite happily and climbed up my leg like we've been friends forever. I've been carrying around treats waiting to try this for a while. He has previously hated me with the burning rage of a thousand suns (because, I presume a) I live in close proximity to his territory, and b) because I associate with Max, whom he hates even more), so I'm very happy all it took was one treat to turn things around. Hopefully he can stop barking whenever I'm tiptoeing quietly through the hallway between our two homes, now.
  • Watched Hamilton. Almost turned it off a couple of times, but was mostly enjoying it by the end. Learnt a lot more about US history than I knew before, and managed to stick with it, by wikipedia-ing things for the duration.

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