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Remember the buttercream disaster of a few weeks ago? I've had tubs of too-runny orange buttercream sitting around in the fridge ever since. I don't have anything like enough of a sweet tooth to want to lather it onto everything. Finally I figured that since many cake recipes start with creaming butter and sugar, why not give the buttercream a whirl in its place?

I vaguely recalled that the ratio of flour to butter+sugar should be about 1:1, though obviously I didn't know what the sugar to butter ratio in the buttercream was. So I put together (everything approx):

I mixed the wet and the dry into the buttercream bit by bit, until a cake batter of a sensible consistency formed. I stirred in raisins and mixed peel, then baked it for about 40 mins at 160c.

The result was amazing! The cake has a perfect crumb, the spices and orange flavour come through nicely, and it has an undertone of creaminess that really surprises me. It doesn't look like much, but it turned out so much better than expected.

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