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I'm having an alarmingly good day for one spent mostly at a computer.. I'm making good progress with actual work work (billable software development as opposed to ops/co-op wrangling support which is still work but not work work), got myself out of a dependency hell in less than 20 minutes, learnt some new stuff, remembered how to write Python again and actually did so, and it worked, like immediately...

Then I took a break and went to investigate some homemade pickles that looked like they had gone mouldy in the (sealed) jar to discover that it was just kahm yeast around the edge and they are perfectly fine! I've been so sad thinking for weeks I was gonna have to throw out the whole jar.

You might observe it doesn't take much for me to be having a good day, my bar is pretty low.

🏷 life hacking food #cooplife ods pickling python work

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