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Week in review: 6th - 12th June

  • Finished Queen of the Damned, started The Lair of the White Worm.
  • Passed my Food Hygiene certificate.
  • Got a mega strawberry harvest, as well as artichoke and onions.
  • Made amazing fancy flapjack, with a date layer and pistachio halva at Community Kitchen, and strawberry coconut tarts and mushroom pies at home.
  • Had an amazing brunch in Roots & Seeds.
  • Went on an evening adventure with K to pick up a giant wooden chest from Cowdenbeath.
  • Went on a Saturday adventure to Bowhouse market, Pittenweem and Blacketyside Farm with K, K&M, and Lowenna.
  • Went on a Sunday adventure to visit J and H in Currie with K.

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