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Week in review: 16th - 22nd May

  • Finished The Vampire Lestat, started Queen of the Damned (but already, totally different voice, not so into it).
  • Caught up on Co-op admin and governance stuff.
  • Gave away loads of excess seedlings on Freegle and to Greener Kirkcaldy.
  • Made many cookies at the Community Kitchen, and dal, and ravioli, jam stuffed peanut cookies, falafel, and hazelnut carob cake at home.
  • Self-seeded nasturtiums, chard and mysterious other things continue to sprout in the footpath garden. Jalapenos sprouted on my windowsill.
  • Tried St George's mushrooms for the first time, courtesy of Veg Man.
  • Went to an amazing talk in Aberdour by Debora Kayembe, in support of Aberdour Refugee Resettlement and Support.
  • Had a fab day in Glasgow with F and J.
  • Nice weather.
  • Went out for a mushroom walk, and found lots of dryad's saddle, baby chicken of the woods, and a too-old ring of St George..

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