Kasknopfle, Liechtenstein: food I've never eaten

This week I checked out cuisine from Liechtenstein, and came across kasknopfle or spaetzle. I more or less followed this recipe for a veganised version.

The texture of the batter was surprisingly compliant. I used a chopping board and bench scraper to make strips to drop into the boiling water. The main mistake was making them far far too big. But they nonetheless cooked quickly and tasted fine.

a cutting board with dough held over a pot of boiling water, beside a metal bench scraper scooping long fat noodles from water with a pasta spoon oversized spaetzle in a glass dish

I layered the dumplings/pasta with grated not-cheese. In lieu of dried onions to top with, I used the tops of home-grown onions, which caramelised a bit in the oven, and baked it all together. I would have just eaten that alone, but I was feeding my brother too who has greater quantity and diversity requirements for his evening meal, so I served it with breaded chicken-of-the-woods from my freezer (the closest thing I could think of to thematically appropriate schnitzel) and steamed broccoli from the garden.

a round glass dish with layers of fat noodle-dumplings and what appears to be cheese close up of baked spaeztle on a plate, with greens and schnitzel in the background

There were plenty of leftovers, and they reheated well for a substantive lunch.

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