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Week in review: 31st Jan - 6th Feb

  • Seedlings sprouting! Tomatoes, squash, cucumber, gherkin, onions. It all begins again..
  • Made berry muffins for Greener Kirkcaldy Community Kitchen.
  • Reminded myself how the BODS translation workflow works.
  • Attended a meeting of the Vipassana Trust Accessibility Committee.
  • Found and fixed underfloor problems, and replaced some floorboards in my bedroom. Got the hammock up on the walls! Now I can see the sea from it, which means I never need to get up again. Laid new laminate in my bedroom.
  • Dismantled my espresso machine. Cleaned out limescale and gunk. Discovered it never has had a shower screen. Have not yet reassembled it.
  • Dave came back, brought Sri Lankan tea, made curry, left again.
  • Tinkered a bit with sloph.
  • Kirkcaldy Friday markets are back on!!
  • Watched all of Reacher.
  • Max is back! Walkies.

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