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Weeks in review: 10th - 30th January

  • Saw my Grandma and Dad.
  • Read The Death of Grass, but I didn't like it at all.
  • Went on a Vipassana meditation retreat as a server. Cooked for 200 people, made amazing new friends, and found my meditation vibes again. Read the Sattipattana, Sayagi U Ba Khin Journal and an anthology of Buddha's words. Stayed at the center an extra couple of days.
  • Then back home via another couple of night's at Mum's (watched Vivarium). Immediately messed up my sleep pattern. But the beach is good.
  • Caught up on Co-op and started thinking about BODS again.
  • Took up my bedroom capret but can't make a secret tunnel because concrete.
  • Caught up on Expanse and Boba Fett, watched The Eternals and started Speaker for the Dead.

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