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Week in review: 4th - 9th Jan

  • Watched all of Godless. Started The Book of Boba Fett, continued The Expanse.
  • Stole Max again. We walked to Wemyss and back and got very muddy, and around Ravenscraig Park.
  • Made mushroom pie.
  • Weeded the garden.
  • Wrapped up BODS work, for now, and Co-op recruitment/onboarding admin.
  • Took the train to Mum's after handing over my flat to E&M. Spent the weekend resting, reading, eating, cooking, crocheting, moving blocks of wood. Did my tax return. Tried to catch up on photo uploads..
  • Finished Ender's Game (actually fab!). Started The Death of Grass (not enjoying this so much).

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