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Day three of West Highlands adventure. Didn't have a particular plan, so made a decision on which direction to walk in the morning. Options considered were: a ridge walk to Beinn Gharbh (eastish), a creek walk to a bothy at Oban on Loch Morar (northish), or an off-trail amble to wherever we'd get to in the south-westerly direction. Chose the latter. Went in a roundabout way to look at rocks, and ended up at Loch Beoraid mid-afternoon. There were some nice waterfall-y valley spots en route. Saw and heard red deer. The loch had a lovely beach, where we pitched the tent and chilled for the rest of the day. Midges came and went, which was better than being consistently covered in them. Kinlochbeoraid bothy is a mostly abandoned bothy a swampy 15 minute walk from the loch, but two other people were staying in the coal shed. It was pretty grim. Loch beach was better.