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Day 4 of West Highlands adventure. Followed the valley out to the bothy of the first night (Corryhully). There was no trail for 2/3 of the way, besides those left by the deer, and it wasn't super easy. The foliage was long and wet, and the banks were often steep and/or muddy. Soaking by the end of it; it rained a little bit too. Took about 3 hours to get to the bothy, where we sheltered and dried off for a while.

Then walked back through the woods to Glenfinnan. Picked up a few boletes on the way. Saw the steam train go over the viaduct. Bumped into a Bothy Association guy who saw my bag of mushrooms and said we might find chanterelles in the nearby woods. We surely did! And a bunch more perfect boletes, and my first hedgehog fungus.

Then the last train back to Glasgow, and the last bus back to Kirkcaldy.