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Week in review: 17th - 23rd May

  • Weather got back to gorgeous (with intermittent showers/hail).
  • Third flush of mushrooms is looking more promising!
  • Lost quite a bit of basil and some of the parsley, and relocated bok choy isn't looking very happy. Rhubarb has come to life, and chard are growing fast. Moved my chillis to warmer climes (aka the polytunnel down the road) for a while.
  • Bought kale, leeks, lettuce and more cucumbers from Kirkcaldy Garden Center.
  • Found a big plastic crate on the beach. I'm sure this'll come in handy.
  • Dad came for one night to scope the bathrooms situation. And helped me to acquire a sink and cupboard unit from Freegle.
  • Conducted many flapjack experiments, and made seven crumbles. Made lots of focaccia at the Community Kitchen.
  • Caught up on Standards Lab.. ish.
  • Had a survey for an air-source heat pump.. will find out in a couple of weeks if I've been accepted onto the scheme.
  • Finally got the holes in my bedroom walls and ceiling plastered up!
  • Started walking to St Andrews, with no network connection and logs turned off.. Day one was Dysart to Dumbarnie; day two was Dumbarnie to Anstruther.

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