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I made wholewheat bread using lovingitvegan's deeply suspicious recipe. 100% wholewheat? 20 minute rise? Surely not. That'll be like cake bread. I subbed in 1/3 strong white flour and let it rise for an hour (but that was because of a meeting). It overflowed and stuck to the tea towel. I managed to salvage the top, and the texture and taste were great! Perfect crumb for sandwiches. I also added flaxseed for cronch.

I made a raw cashew cheesecake, which was a bit too sweet for my taste (too much agave) but other people enjoyed it. Swirled through with homemade berry compote, and the crust is my patented whatever-nuts-i-have-lying-around with dates and flaxseed; added some coconut flour to this one.

Also a great many jam tarts, and lentil moussaka.