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"No food in the house" this week until the BBL order arrived later than expected.. so I made "no-food" lasagne (soy mince, red lentils, tomato sauce; cream not-cheese in the white sauce), seitan chicken, "no-food" pizza (with seitan chicken, sweetcorn, pickles, tomatoes, and the last two mushrooms) and "no-food" curry (with chickpeas and seitan chicken; we ran out of white rice but I scraped together a mix of brown sushi rice and barley).

Friday brought the veg topup and BBL order (see: burger) to end "no food" week.

I made a chocolate and raspberry cake to round the week off.

The vegan chocolate berry meringue nests are from Roots & Seeds cafe, a delightful surprise find when I was walking into town one day (I knew about the cafe, didn't know they had vegan cake, let alone meringue).