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As promised, I jellified various things using agar agar.

I mixed it with almond milk to make delicious creamy puddings. They are topped with watered down apricot jam, also mixed with agar to make jelly.

I made a three layer loaf-jelly with cherry, lemon and apple juice, and suspended apple pieces. It tasted good, but the layers didn't stick together well, and the cherry and lemon layers merged a bit.

But the most exciting thing was attempting to make blue dye from red cabbage. The first stage is to boil the cabbage to make a purple syrup. Adding bicarbonate of soda - just a tiny pinch - makes it fizz up and change colour to blue. But too much, and it goes green. I added too much because the potion like fizzing was so exciting. A drip of lemon juice takes it back in the other direction, with just as much exciting fizzing. Eventually I got the balance more or less right to create this teal-blue which lightened as it set (no photos). It's not the vivid blue you'd get with artificial dyes, but it definitely looks unnatural which is what I was going for.. I added the dye and agar to sugar water to make a pretty boring-tasting jelly.