I'm in Albania, in the south. All reported coronavirus cases here are currently in the north.

After the first two cases a week ago, schools were closed. By the end of last week, tourist attractions, bars and restaurants everywhere were closed. This weekend, no public transport, no non-essential shops, and from tomorrow no non-essential travel of any kind nationally. Only ambulances and freight will be moving, basically. Most of the land border crossings are closed. These are far stronger measures for far fewer cases than the UK has.

So far the streets are quiet, but that's normal in a holiday town at this time of year. I've seen a few people wearing masks and gloves, and all grocery store workers are wearing them. But there's no panic buying, at least in Sarande, and even hand sanitizer is on offer at the supermarket checkouts.

To fly back to the UK I'd need to get to Corfu or Tirana, and while there seem to still be EasyJet and RyanAir flights (but not until the end of the month), currently the ferries and buses are cancelled so I dunno how I'd get to an airport anyway (okay, I do, I'd have to get written permission from the police to be on the roads - as a foreigner with a plane ticket, it's possible - then find someone with a car willing to drive me to Tirana).

I'm going to get some more groceries later, just in case something flips overnight, but I definitely feel like I'm better off here than trying to get back to the UK any time soon. Plus the weather is really good and I have a nice sea view from my balcony. I'll be staying home mostly, or maybe going down to sit on the empty beach, and hoping the internet and power stays on.

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