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🗁Added 233 photos to album UK, Jan & Feb 2020.

I convened a gathering of some people close to KitB, to treat him to a fun long weekend before his imminent wedding. The concept of a 'bachelor party' is pretty gross, so we called it a Stag Don't or the #kitparty. On the first day we stayed in Edinburgh, ate at Snax and ConsiderIt, and went to the Camera Obscura. I didn't have high hopes, but it turned out to be awesome. The views from the tower are great, and the silly museum of illusions is surprisingly good. We most enjoyed the Vortex and the Hall of Mirrors, and ended up spending more than 2 hours there.

Then we all took a train to Dunkeld & Birnam, a little village an hour and 40 mins north of Edinburgh. I fell in love with the place. It has hills and waterfalls and vast ancient forests, and a secret vegan food scene. We walked around the area, ate a lot of course, and chilled and played board games in our hostel (Jessie Mac's). On the 25th we cooked ourselves a Burns Supper. I'd definitely consider moving there.