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My last days in Bursa came all at once. I squeezed in some more museums - the Ataturk House (which is nice to visit but has no signs or information, just furniture and pictures, and took me all of 5 minutes to go around); the Archaeology Museum (which has plenty of info in English and is as good as archaeology museums always are); the Textiles Museum at Merinos (which is in an old textile factory, and incorporates a lot of interesting social history about the local industry as well as technical information and old machines); and the Immigration Museum (on the top floor of the Textile Museum; not much in English, but fascinating exhibits all the same).

I worked from Good Call and At Kafe. I spent my final night in Gorukle at the meeting of Bursa Speaking Club, saying farewell to all of the amazing people I met this month. I stayed over at Juli's and in the morning Fatih came over to make us delicous soup for breakfast. What a sendoff!

In the Mado cafe by the bus station, I discovered a vegan ice cream menu; they didn't have any of course. The last thing I did before I got on the bus was eat cig kofte... of course.