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🗁Added 61 photos to album Ayvalik and Lesbos, Jan 2020.

I missed the coast, so went to the sea! Via a 4.5 hour bus ride from Bursa to Ayvalik. There, via CouchSurfing, I met a beautiful cat and a beautiful human who let me stay in their home for a few nights, even when my plans went slightly squiggly due to weather.

Ayvalik is lovely and I came so close to staying there instead of Bursa, and may have made a slightly wrong choice, but now I know I can go back for longer in the future.

I reconnected with another couchsurfer who I'd met in Bursa, and we walked the two hours or so around the coast to the island (connected by bridges) of Cunda, which has a charming seafront and view of Ayvalik. It was very windy and gloomy, but that made coffee at the other end all the more welcome.