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I visited Agora market in Nilufer, having heard that is a good place to buy a second hand coat, and wow, what a market.

In a shocking turn of events, I voluntarily went to a place with snow. Some people posted on that they were going to stay in a wooden house on the mountain (Uludag), so I joined them. It was beautiful, but cold. The house was cosy once the fire was lit, and we spent most of the time eating and talking. We went for a short walk in the snow. I don't have appropriate shoes, but wrapping my feet in plastic bags worked fine. Not many amazing views, because it was pretty cloudy.

On the way back to the city we visited a 610 year old tree, and had coffee and gozleme there. Then we ended up staying out late for dinner in someone else's apartment. I missed the last bus home, so I stayed over chez one of my new friends in Gorukle, and the next day we had breakfast at veggie cafe At Kafe (more gozleme).