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Week in review: 21 - 27 October

  • Trained back from Edinburgh to Lincolnshire (well, Nottinghamshire, then Mum picked me up and drove me the rest of the way, thanks Mum).
  • Went to Boston with Mum, and ran some errands, and Gregg's vegan sausage rolls.
  • Went to Brighton for two nights with Mum, to visit Dave and Juri! Ate lots of Japanese food, and other good things. Didn't think too hard about how much that trip cost. Procured a waistcoat for Kit's wedding.
  • My sister showed up for the weekend. We went to the beach at Skegness again and ate chips and flew kites. I bought shoes for Kit's wedding!
  • Booked last minute tickets out of the UK, which cost more than they should have. Packed. My new backpack still hasn't been shipped.
  • Caught a cold.

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