Hello world, my [temp] phone [that I've been using for a year] got a bad update and I had to factory reset it. I can't set Signal and other messaging apps back up with the Greek number I was using for them, if you have that, because it won't get phone reception outside of Greece.

Relatedly, I haven't had access to the installation of Signal (desktop) that used my UK number for the last month. If you sent me any Signal messages to the UK number in the past month, I have not read them. I thought I'd be able to port it to my new desktop, but the FP1 is now so old Signal won't update on it, so I couldn't.

So if you need my new (Spanish) number for Signal (etc) contact, and I don't send it to you in the next couple of hours, do ping me.

As always, IRC and email are more reliable ways to contact me than anything involving a phone number.

🏷 signal life contact