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🗁Added 47 photos to album Bulgaria, August 2019.

Tried to go to Anglia Cafe, a veggie cafe the other side of town, but it was closed for unspecified reasons. Ate at Raffy instead, which is proclaimed on happycow to have many vegan options, only they've changed the menu since then and I just had springrolls for lunch. Not the worst, but I had been looking forward to pizza.

Walked through Tsar Simeon's gardens, which have 'singing fountains' and an enormous pool of water that looks incredibly inviting but is strictly forbidden from swimming in.

Got a haircut, and bought two tshirts from two different Humana stores. What I really need are new shoes (mine are disintegrating more by the day) but neither had any. One tshirt was superfluous but has aliens on and rolls up really small. The other filled a vacant slot for a slightly smarter top I can pretend to be a grownup or professional or whatever in.

Anyway: hill #3, Liberator Hill. Which has a big statue of a Russian solider on top. And, of course, views of the surrounding hills and city.

Also stopped at Green Corner on the way home for a cake and a milkshake; they have some good vegan groceries including Violife!