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Week in review: 29 April - 5 May

  • Note-took in interviews for ODSCo-op developer hiring.
  • Did some work on flatten-tool.
  • Walked a bit around Bratislava environs, and went to Vienna again.
  • Finally said goodbye to Bratislava, and then Europe.. and flew from Vienna airport to Harare, Zimbabwe, via Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).
  • Reunited with Elizabeth in Harare. Learnt all about the complicated currency situation, and got set up with EcoCash. Spent the weekend and markets and cafes and low key parties and generally chilling.
  • Attended a very musical and colourful church service. A member of the congregation pegged me as a lost soul and took me aside afterwards to reassure me God is looking out for me.
  • Saw Avengers Endgame again.
  • Caught Elizabeth's cold, I think.

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