Welcome to Athens

As soon as I got off the ferry I was hit with chaos. Thousands of people, in the port, in the streets, spilling out of coffeeshops, flowing through the metro station. I queued up for a ticket and people are bustling, pacing, impatient. I bought a 2-trip ticket because I couldn't see 1-trip right away and the press of the line behind me was too much to linger. I took the metro and the rattle of every day life was like a slap in the face. Back to reality.

I walked out of the metro along a road and the stench filled my head. The traffic roared, the city was screaming at me.

I hate cities.

I was after 10pm, I had no food in. I walked 15 minutes to a vegan cafe, ate spanakopita and hot chocolate, late night on a Sunday. I was welcomed by smiling, warm staff.

I walked past bars, alive, filled with happy people and art and hipster decoration. The streets were lit, I felt safe. I was too tired to get groceries, but I could've.

I love cities.

Already I feel like the last two months of island life were just a dream. I miss the sea.

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