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I walked south-ish from Petra for three and a half hours. Climbing the hill up to the village of Lafionas provided a constant supply of stunning views across Petra's bay. As I got higher, I could see Anaxos and Molyvos too.

But the really exciting part came when I finally went over/around the hill and lost the sea view, because this meant I was in a new part of the island I hadn't seen before. The road zigzags up the mountain for a while, with views of the valley and sheep fields and exciting rock formations, through dramatic pine forests.

Then over the next hill is like another world entirely. The pine trees are more or less gone, and there's a mini-valley filled with white rocks in every size, and all surfaces covered with a bright green moss. It was utterly peaceful, and despite the clearly human-carved mud track I was walking on, felt undisturbed.

As this hill descended, I had views of a new sea. The bay of Kalloni - the other side of the island! I could see Kalloni town, but bore west instead of east, and headed down to the village of Filia, nestled between the hills.

Filia is (I think) the only settlement on the island that still has a mosque, though it's not in use.

Eleni met me in the village, fed me a wonderful lunch, let me nap on the sofa and then woke me up with coffee and traditional quince sweets. She gave me a tour of the village, with a lot of detail about the history of every house, and we visited her mother, who also gave me traditional pastries.

I am endlessly lucky and spoiled and can't think of a better way to have ended the year.