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A lovely day out with my new Greek family. We did some shopping in Kalloni, went to the highest town on Lesvos, Agiasos to look at quaint streets and old buildings, had a meal in a traditional taverna - turns out the 40 days before christmas are a good time to eat with a Greek family who fast, because they were abstaining from meat! - so we got loads of amazing vegan dishes to share. I wouldn't have discovered this secretly vegan side of Greek cuisine by myself, I'm sure. We took the 8 year old to visit santa in Kalloni, and while he was doing that I went to the big supermarket.. where it turns out they have three kinds of vegan cheese sold by weight in the regular cheese counter! I've never seen that anywhere. So that was exciting. My hosts are so generous, and it was lovely of them to take me to parts of the island I wouldn't be able to get to by myself.