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I walked to the next village south, Anaxos. It's apparently a fake village that only exists for tourists, in the summer season. And true enough, it was a total ghost town. A little bit creepy, even. A few leash-less dogs around which always makes me nervous, and the only human I saw was a distinctly grouchy looking old man who just stared at me as I passed. I followed the coast around to get there, which involved a little rock balancing in some parts as there isn't a full beach or path. It was very calm and beautiful though. I scrambled up some hillside and found myself in the gardens of some fancy holiday cottages. I hopped a fence to get into the village, rather than going all the way back down and around. There's a nice beach, albeit desolate. I returned via the road, and saw some more humans on the way out. There are some volcanic rock formations around here, too, which is always pretty cool.