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Yesterday I was ill and stayed in bed all day. It also rained torrentially and thunderstormed so that was okay.

Today I'm still coughing and snuffling but mostly better. I hiked an easy trail from Petra, winding between the hills to Molyvos reservoir (which was looking quite dry) and around the back of Molyvos then along the coast to Efthalou. There's not much there, except famous hot springs. They're closed at this time of year of course, or on Sundays, or in the middle of the afternoon, take your pick. But two friendly cats live in the locked Ottomon dome which is right on the sea. They told me where to find the origin of the hot spring for an outdoor bathing experience. (Just kidding, I read that part on the internet.)

A pool forms in rocks right behind the dome wall, next to the sea. The spring water bubbles out of the sand barely a meter from the shoreline. The water is super hot, but the sea water periodically rushes in to the little pool formed from boulders, making a very pleasant water sitting experience indeed. The air temperature was about 14c, so I hung out there for a while. One of the cats came for a cuddle the whole time, then later watched over me while I got dried and dressed, helped me eat some crisps, and walked me up the hill to the gate.

I walked back around the cost all the way, via Molyvos castle this time. Obviously the castle was closed, but views from the top over the sea were nice, and also there was a big rainbow. As the sun started to set, Molyvos town on the hillside was dramatically lit with an orange glow, backed by dark stormy skies.

Fortunately, though clouds threatened all day, the worst of the rain held off.