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Ferry arrives in Mytilene, Lesvos, before 6am. I wandered along the harbour, ate my leftover pizza, and went into cafe Meli for coffee. They had no vegan pastries. Staff were very friendly, but seating wasn't super comfortable. I could leave my stuff there for a bit while I went to wander around and take pictures of the sunrise.

I relocated to Coffee Island next door for comfier seating and superior wifi when they opened.

The bus to Petra was at 11; there are two buses, the other being at 1330. It's not the easiest island to transit in the offseason.

The bus was €7, I bought a ticket at the bus station, and fortunately learnt the bus number because it didn't have a sign. In Kalloni we changed buses, and it was unclear what was going on. There were lots of old people yelling. I think that's just how Greek people talk to each other. Anyway I made it to Petra on schedule, but the bus didn't stop in the middle of town where it normally does. It was cloudy and started to drizzle by then.

The woman I'm renting my flat from came to the bus stop to pick me up in the car, but obviously I wasn't at the bus stop, and beat her home on foot. She was very upset I'd had to get cold and wet but actually it barely even qualified as rain by Scotland's standards.

And then I finally moved in to my new sea-view home. Turns out my hosts are beyond lovely, as well, and keep bringing me things like homemade marmalade, and iron-rich fig syrup (also homemade) oh and in the cupboard was also homemade local olive oil.