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An afternoon wandering around Kavala, and a visit to the castle. It's always nice when the cool tower is actually open. Health and safety related paraphernalia is minimal, and I wandered around the walls where a sharp gust might have sent me over. I still only managed to spend 45 minutes here though, and spent some time wandering the cute cobbled streets on the hill as well. I found a friendly cafe called Fouat who had vegan spinach pie, which I ate before I remembered to take a photo.

Later I went to another Italian place, expecting to get a cheeseless pizza, and lo and behold they had soy cheese! Under 'fasting' pizza on the menu, super subtle. It was good, too! Generous and cheesey. What a day.

Then I headed the port, more than an hour early but was able to board the ferry at once. Many comfortable looking seats were labelled 'economy' on the signs, but only the most crowded ones were where I was allowed to sit. There's about one power socket for every 2,000 people, and presumably directly over the engine because it's the loudest ferry I've ever been on. Oh well.