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The bus from Thessolaniki to Kavala takes about 2 hours express, and is €16.30. Thessolaniki bus station is out of town and huge and a bit confusing. It took me a while to find the ticket offices, but I wasn't stressed as there are plenty of buses throughout the afternoon. Ticket offices are divided by destination, so there's a lot of mostly Greek sign-reading involved.

It was late afternoon when I arrived in Kavala, and I had time to wander around the harbour before the sun set. I hiked up to the castle and found it closes at 1600. I ate in an Italian restaurant because the Greek ones don't really open til later, though I was still the only person there.

I saw the old aquaduct in the middle of town, that's cool

The next morning I went to the archaelogical museum first thing, because it closes at 1400. I spent less than 45 minutes there, it was €2, and the woman the the front desk was super surprised I wanted to visit.