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I bought a day pass for the trams and zoomed about everywhere (15PLN). Which was nice because it was gloomy and drizzly again.

I went to the Warsaw Uprising Museum, which is free on Sundays, and spent a solid 3 hours there. It's super big and interesting with quite diverse installations and all very informative about Warsaw during and after the Second World War.

Then I trammed to Praga, over the other side of the river, with the intention of having lunch at Vegan Ramen Shop. There was a line down the street when I got there, and I was starving, so I figured I'd come back for dinner instead, and doubled back to a vegan falafel place (Zudi) I saw in the tunnel under the road/tram and had a really good seitan kebab.

Then I trammed to the Praga Museum, which I thought was also free on Sundays but turned out to be 15PLN. It was a bit weird, but some things were interesting. It's about local history and culture of the Praga area. I got really into the stories in the audio guide for a while, but then the battery ran out. There are some more modern exhibitions by students trying out traditional handicrafts, too. The whole museum wasn't huge though.

I wandered around Praga a bit before it got dark, then went back to Vegan Ramen Shop. There was still a line down the street. Unbelievable. This time I could wait though.

Totally worth it. I think the mad queues are for their limited time hallowe'en menu..