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Rave assessment: dark and loud.

I found a high place where I could stand and watch the crowds bobbing around for a while. I enjoyed the invisible feeling I also like in crowded shopping malls. Pushing through the crowds to find an open space was scary, and I was always taken aback when I made physical contact with someone else and had to remind myself that is just life in a crowd. Once I had a bit more space it was okay though. The music was sometimes interesting, but mostly repetitive beats too loud to hear. There wasn't anything.. artistic about it. It's sort of weird people come here on purpose (and stand in line for hours and pay money to do so). I guess drinking makes a difference I will never fully comprehend. As ever, it was nice to watch people dance, though most people weren't so much dancing as vaguely pulsating with the music.

I was relaxed and completely alone and free and still had no urge to move with the music. I closed my eyes and tried to find that place, but it isn't there.

If I did this sort of thing often I would definitely find a way to make my hair glow under ultraviolet.

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