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🗁Added 68 photos to album Latvia, Sept 2018.

So I hitchhiked from Kolka to Ventspils, and my drivers dropped me off in town. I went to the library, and wandered around a bit. Ventspils is okay, but didn't really vibe, and there are no hostels or other good places to stay. So I made a plan to get out, and move on to Liepaja.

Then I immediately bumped into my original drivers again, who had stopped for a break and were just about to continue around the coast. So they took me to Liepaja. Easy mode.

Two nights in Liepaja, which is bigger than Ventspils and has more of a backpacker scene. The beach is unfathomably soft and white. There's also a giant lake (Lake Liepaja) which is surrounded by nature reserve and has a beautiful spit leading a way out into it.

Then I took a bus to Klaipeda. Note - the international Ecolines bus does not leave from the main bus station, which I found out after walking all the way across town to it. I had to taxi back to a square in the old town (10 mins from my hostel) to make it on time.

I was in Balkan taxi mode I guess, and all set to fight for this to not be more than 5eur.. but there was actually a meter running, and after the driver had quoted me 5 or 6 before we left, it came to 4, and he wouldn't take a tip. I'm so used to taxi drivers trying to rip me off, this was a delightful surprise.

Then the bus driver was napping, and we left 20 minutes late. Somehow still arrived to Klaipeda on time though.