You know how some cities just make sense? Shortly after you arrive, you just kind of get what's going on?

I'm 24 hours into Sofia and it doesn't make sense yet.

It's chaotic and big. In many ways it reminds me of London. There's a lot going on. On every single street is one of everything you could possibly need. There's stuff everywhere. It's broken and dilapidated; pavements are obstructed, full of holes, uneven. It's super inaccessible to anyone who uses wheels to get around. I've tripped over twice just walking normally and paying attention my surroundings. The mess in this sense reminds me of Penang. When you do occasionally stumble across a nice bit, it's a pleasant surprise, a few minutes reprieve from being hyper-alert at where your feet go. It's residential, industrial, and real, with sudden jarring interruptions for colourful, gilded, domed cathedrals or monument-filled green spaces.

It's bustling and alive, and nestled amongst the normality is art, creativity, hippie shit, and little pockets of tranquility.

It's confusing. But I like it.

🏷 travel Sofia, Bulgaria