So when I want a 'private' / 'solo' place to stay, I'm actually fine with sharing a dorm with other people for sleeping. And fine with sharing a bathroom. So long as these are people I'm not obligated to socialise with (hosts, friends..).

What I really want, is a private kitchen.

But shared accommodation with individual kitchens just isn't a thing. So when I need space, I have to book a whole apartment and that gets expeeensive.

In off seasons, or in places with lots of restaurants/food culture, I get lucky with hostels where there either are hardly any people around, or people just don't use the kitchen, and that's pretty close. But the uncertainty sucks.

Anyway, I could totally live in this little hostel I'm in right now (Sunset Hostel, Zadar). Well, maybe.. when full there would be 10 people (2x 5 bed dorms). Which would work if they weren't all determined too cook.. but it's also not super close to the town center.

🏷 travel life